Mind Tricks To Clear A Job Interview and Land Your Dream Job

Once prepared for the interview, skimming through company’s profile, website, news and media publications. You need to jot down a few smart questions to ask your interviewers, practice in front of the mirror or find a friend.

No matter what you do, you would still be nervous on the day of the interview. This is where you go wrong and make silly mistakes. The employer will see your body language, confidence, pick uncertainty in your answers. If you seem to be nervous no qualification and experience will help you land your dream job.

Fortunately, there are tons of mind tricks you can play to overcome your anxiety. Control your mind to release stress, stay calm, be confident. walk in with the right mindset and you will walk out with an appointment letter in your hand.

Here is how

1. Stay Calm

The worst thing that can happen is they won’t hire you but it won’t be the end of the world and you will not be gn shot for the wrong answers. According to the research by Alison Brooks, professor at Harvard University ,  you can deal with anxiety if you can convince yourself that you are excited.


Brooks engaged the participants in high-stress activities

Singing/Exam/Public Speaking.

Before performing, Brooks had one group of participants say,

“I am calm,” the second group say,

“I am excited,”

and the third group say nothing.

The group that said “I am confident” and performed the best.

Turns out, “anxiety”  and “excitement” are closely related. In these states the body and mind are highly pumped up. “Anxiety” can be explained as an high agitation state of mind that is negative, while “excitement” is a positive state where people experience high energy and positivity. A calm state of mind is the opposite and can be looked at a low energy state and reduces the brain power to influence others.

You can transform your nervous energy in a job interview to an excited energy level which amplifies your confidence rate. You should feel pumped up in a positive way rather than a negative way that hinders your performance in a job interview. Brooks proved, fooling yourself to get excited is a good way to combat nervousness.

In Dubai, people come from all over the world to explore job opportunities. The competition is so tough that you wonder who would actually get selected with so many people coming with vast experience, multiple degrees, diverse backgrounds. Recruitment agencies in dubai confirmed that it is the confidence of a candidate that wins in the end.